Have you ever accidentally hit a stone with your lawn mower and damaged the crankshaft?

Being distraction or due to just bad luck, small “accidents” may happen, which may lead to damaging the lawnmower’s mechanics.

Grin has introduced a device called ENGINE PROTECTION CONE to minimise these risks.

This device, for which we recommend watching the video, offers protection when the blade accidentally hits an obstacle while mowing (such as a stone, root or other).

The steel cone, in combination with the Grin chassis, absorbs the hit and minimises the risks of damage. Should the blade hub break, its replacement is easy, quick and low-cost. It can directly be carried out by the user.


We recommend the ENGINE PROTECTION CONE for all kinds of rough terrain or for distracted users who are prone to causing small accidents.

The ENGINE PROTECTION CONE is present in these GRIN mowers

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The ENGINE PROTECTION CONE is standard on the GRIN Professional range* range, and is available as an option for the other models.

* PM46, PM53, SPM53, PM46 IS, PM53 IS, BM46-82V, BM46A-82V

Look how the engine protection cone works

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