• Grin s.r.l., with legal and registered headquarters in Sirtori (LC) 23896, in Via delle Industrie no. 13, guarantees that the Grin lawn mower, manufactured by Grin S.r.l., is free from material and manufacturing defects, in compliance with the state of the art and its intended use.
  • In this sense, Grin s.r.l. relieves the buyer of any costs for removing processing errors or material defects through a structure authorised by Grin s.r.l. or Grin s.r.l. itself (right to guarantee) under the following conditions.
  • The decision to repair or replace any defective parts lies only with Grin s.r.l.
  • The replaced parts will become the property of Grin s.r.l. without any compensation.
  • Removal of any defects or any updating changes made shall be done by our support service or by an authorised dealer.
  • The structure authorised to make any repairs is not authorised, under any circumstances, to provide explanations and/or legally binding declarations in the name and on behalf of Grin s.r.l.
  • There is no right to replace the equipment.
  • In general, the manufacturer is not liable for damage to the equipment, indirect damage to property or injury to persons caused by failure to comply with the above provisions and no warranty claim can be made. Any other rights are excluded from the warranty
  • In addition to the rights laid down in this warranty, the buyer has the legal warranty rights resulting from the purchase contract.


  • The warranty is valid from the date of purchase. The buyer shall therefore keep proof of purchase with this date so as to be able to benefit from the warranty services.
  • The warranty expires 24 months from the purchase date, with the exception of Grin s.r.l. equipment that is used (ever if only temporarily) for public and/or professional purposes; in these cases the warranty expires after 12 months from the date of purchase. This is valid with the exception of any extensions granted by Grin s.r.l. for which reference is made to specific conditions.
  • Any defects which, when the aforementioned period expires, have not been notified to a structure authorised by Grin s.r.l. or by Grin s.r.l. itself, do not confer any entitlement to claim.
  • The warranty right expires 6 months after the defect was noticed


The following are excluded from this warranty:

  • Briggs&Stratton engines, batteries and battery chargers, for which the specific conditions indicated by the manufacturer and given in the Briggs&Stratton manual supplied with the equipment are valid. If any of these components have a problem, the buyer shall contact an official Briggs&Stratton structure
  • wear of components whether due to normal use or to improper use/maintenance/storage. Here is an example of the components: filters, spark plugs, wheels, gaskets, blade and tubodisc, cap, cables.
  • Aesthetic damage caused by use of the equipment.
  • Damages incurred during transportation, for which the manager is responsible, not the manufacturer.


Grin s.r.l. is authorised to deny fulfilment of certain warranty obligations in the event and to the extent that:

  • The structure authorised by Grin s.r.l. assigned with repairs by the buyer has not submitted a warranty request that is properly and completely filled in;
  • An improper use, compared with the indications given in the user manual (especially an excessive overload of the equipment by the buyer) implies that a material or processing defect has led to damage of the equipment;
  • The buyer has failed to comply, in whole or in part, with the instructions in the user manual, especially with the safety requirements;
  • The equipment has not undergone regular planned maintenance;
  • The equipment has not been stored properly as intended;
  • The equipment has in some way been adapted, changed and/or fitted with components and/or accessories not included in the supply expressly permitted or recommended by Grin s.r.l.
  • The equipment is subjected to repairs and/or changes by unqualified staff not recognised by Grin s.r.l., and not up to standard;
  • during maintenance, cleaning and/or repairs, non-original or unsuitable spare parts have been used.


IMPORTANT: to activate the warranty, to take advantage of the provided coverage and to allow Grin s.r.l. to correctly manage the related documentation, you must:

  1. register your Grin product in the client area on www.mygrin.eu
  2. Keep the product purchase invoice/receipt


In addition to the original warranty, GRIN offers for free a 1-year extension of the normal warranty terms and conditions that covers up to 3 years.
Once the warranty extension has been activated, the total coverage period will be:

• 3 years for privately used products

• 2 years for public/professional used products, even if temporarily

For more information, visit the relative page at this link

Getting the warranty extension is easy: simply register yourself properly using the warranty activation form!

NB: what is excluded from the warranty extension?

  • Briggs & Stratton engines, batteries and chargers, which are covered just by the normal Briggs & Stratton warranty conditions.
  • 36V tools (TM400, HT300, BL300) and robot R3, which are covered just by the normal warranty conditions.
  • 36V engines, batteries and chargers, which are covered just by the normal warranty conditions.
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