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GRIN offers a complete range of products that fit the requirements of every garden.
It’s important to choose the right lawn mower: GRIN will accompany you for many years to come!

Remember that GRIN does not have a grass bag. This makes it lighter and more maneuverable than the lawn mowers you have used until today.

1 - Choose the right mowing width

Usually, you can choose a smaller GRIN lawn mower in comparison to a model with grass bag (e.g. if you used a 53 cm mowing width, a 46 cm GRIN model might suit you) The choice of a grass bag lawn mower with large dimensions is due to the fact that a larger grass bag reduces the number of stops when mowing. With GRIN, choosing a larger mowing width saves you approx. 10 minutes each 1.000 m2, however, the smaller machines are more maneuverable especially in tight spaces.

2 - Consider if you need a traction

Lawn mowers with grass bag are typically heavier, especially when the bag is full of grass. To easily maneuver them, the traction is needed starting from 400 m2 or on slight slopes. GRIN machines without traction are more maneuverable, instead, especially in tight spaces. A walk-behind GRIN mower is recommended up to 800 m2 and 10° of slope.

3 - Choose the right engine

Grin lawn mowers with electric motor have the same structural features as the ones with combustion engine: the mowing result is particularly qualitative and under normal mowing circumstances practically identical to that of the line with internal combustion engines.

How big is your garden in square meters?

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ACCORDING TO THE SIZE of your garden in square meters, choose the mowing width (37, 46 or 53 cm). Once you have identified the models of the right size, look at the data sheets in the following pages: a rating scheme from 1 to 5 helps you finding the suitable product considering your mowing preferences. Do not hesitate to contact GRIN for advice or visit one of our authorized dealers.

BECAUSE GRIN is lighter than a mower with grass bag. In fact it does not carry the weight of the bag full of grass. Unless there are slopes of more than 10°, the traction in a medium-sized garden could make the machine heavier and less maneuverable. In order to understand more about the GRIN system, we suggest you to perform a free TEST DRIVE by our authorized dealers.

The PM range is designed for PROFESSIONAL and very intensive use. The frame and the mowing deck are very similar in both product lines, but the equipment and the components are different. The PM range in addition has the engine protection cone as standard, more performant engine, professional 2-speed traction, MAXI rear wheels, a more confortable handlebar and levers. As for the use, the main differences can be noticed on uneven terrains, in tall grass or on very well maintained lawns. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us for help or perform a free TEST DRIVE

The GRIN battery machines are equipped with the same steel frame like the ones with combustion engine. The 82V motors are extremely powerful and grant excellent performances. The electric motor torque is sometimes even more performant than the engines of the HM range. Many professional use these machines also in very tall grass or on extremely difficult lawns. You can fully appreciate it performing a free TEST DRIVE by the closest GRIN dealer.


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