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RECYCLE grass to transform it into fertilizer

The recycling of the grass pulverized by the GRIN mowing system allows the transformation of "waste" into a valuable fertilizer that increases the presence of the organic substance in the soil: humus.

Humus is one of the key element to create a stable and fertile soil able to easily release nutrients and balance the presence of air and water.

The grass pulverization avoids its transport to the waste disposal that, apart of being tiring and annoying, implies the use of motorized vehicles, which are often polluting, and causes an expensive waste management for the community. You can therefore save time and effort.

REUSE the pruning as chippings.

With the GRIN shredders, you can chop hedges, trees and bushes, obtaining useful chippings for ground covering or to mix it with the soil.

The chipping: when it decomposes, it becomes an excellent, natural fertilizer that serves as water reserve and helps protect from the drought, reducing in this way water needs. It limits the growth of weeds and therefore the weeding. It also protects the soil from the atmospheric agents, thermal stress and erosion.

Reusing pruning as chippings avoids having to dispose of it and you will therefore save time and money.

REDUCE the use of water and chemical fertilizers.

The combined action of the GRIN cutting system for grass and pruning allows a significant reduction of water and fertilizer .

Water is a precious (and expensive resource) that must be saved. However, plants and lawn need it to grow lush. Thanks to a GRIN garden maintenance, it is possible to minimize irrigation, using the humidity contained into the grass blades pulverized by the lawn mowers and keeping the soil humid with the chippings under hedges and plants.

Besides water, the lawn, the hedges and the plants need fertilizers to grow healthy.
Again, the combined action of the GRIN cutting system allows to feed the microorganisms of the soil, providing a natural and free fertilizer, that reduces or, in some cases, eliminates the use of other chemical fertilizers.

GRIN offers you the warranty extension up to 3 years

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