Professional maintenance of large green spaces.


This range of machines combines the quality of the GRIN mowing system without grass bag with mowing decks of 90 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm.
GRIN MAXI-3 mowing decks allow an effective grass pulverization, even under difficult conditions.

The extreme manoeuvrability is granted by GRIN EASY DRIVE: an innovative, practical, easy to use and to maintain zero-turn driving system.

The reduced dimensions make the handling on the lawn and the transport very easy. The Low weight implies low operating consumption and minimal soil and turf crushing.

The machines of the XM range can be transformed in a few seconds from lawn mowers into ride-on machines.
This can be done by the user himself thanks to the right accessory and without the need of any tools.


GRIN XM MAXI-3 mowing deck

The quality of the mowing system without grass bag is granted by 3 separate GRIN mowing decks laid out in a triangle.

The position of the engine, directly on the mowing deck, provides maximum efficiency and reduces the loss of power, granting grass pulverization even under difficult conditions.

The optimized weight balance allows the mowing deck to work under optimal conditions, improving the mowing quality.


XM User-friendly

GRIN EASY DRIVE is an innovative Zero-Turn traction, that grants: ease of use, effectiveness on slopes, respect of the soil and the turf.

The weight of GRIN XM is very low, and the dimension can be compared to the one of a lawnmower with small dimensions. This allows:

  • Minimal soil and turf crushing
  • Maximum agility in tight spaces
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Convenience when transporting on vehicles.

XM 3 MACHINES in 1 thanks to the ON BOARD PLATE

Grin XM can be equipped with the optional ON-BOARD connection plate for the quick coupling and uncoupling of two accessories that allow a different configuration:


for the use in lawnmower mode with standing man on board.


for the use in lawnmower mode with seated man on board.

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For the professional maintenance of large green spaces

GRIN offers you the warranty extension up to 3 years

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