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Reinforce axles

The steel axles are characterized by sections of reinforced tube to grant impact resistance and an efficient mowing even after years of use.


Steel wheels

The wheels with steel rim and hub are manufactured to last over time. The double ball bearings grant ease of movement even on extremely difficult terrain. The treads have been designed to meet the need of every model and user.


Patented blade

The patented blade is manufactured with a special production process, which enhances strength and durability. The material thickness and the sharpening method assure a 3/4 times longer life span than conventional blades.


Steel frame

The supporting frame is manufactured with a steel tube, which is welded to the mowing deck to form a unique solid part (registered utility model). This increases the overall strength and rigidity of the lawnmower and helps reducing vibration.


Steel mowing deck

The mowing deck is completely smooth and manufactured with a 3 mm thick, powder coated steel. This provides sturdiness and allows a proper centrifuge of the grass.


Centralized mowing height adjustment

The rapid height adjustment on the four wheels is possible using a single lever. With a single movement, it is possible to set the desired height quickly and easily.


Electric start

GRIN models start at the touch of a button. A simple press of the start control and you're ready to cut - fast, simple and effective.


82v battery motor

Powerful like a combustion engine, easy like an electric motor.


Briggs & stratton professional engine

Power and reliability combined with ease of use


Kawasaki professional engine

Designed for the most demanding professional


Vertical storage

70% of space saved in your garage

mow_nstow_vertical storage

Mow n’stow vertical storage

70% of space saved in your garage even with full tanks


Ready Start

automatic starter to start the engine on the first try


Ready start

automatic starter to start the engine on the first try


Pressurised lubrication on slopes

To mow even on slopes over 20°


Professional traction

Professional with 2 speeds to adapt to different conditions


Engine protection cone

to minimize impacts on uneven terrain


Grip GRIN maxi

to overcome obstacles on uneven terrain


Anti-vibration handlebar and comfort levers

for more comfort in case of intensive use


Foldable handlebar

Thanks to two easy levers, it is possible to fold the handlebar for storage in little space and an easy transport.


Anti-vibration quick regulator

Two sturdy Nylon regulators allow the adjustment of the handlebar height according to the one of the user. Grin has also studied a vibration absorption system inside the new regulators to grant much more comfort in case of intensive use.


Frame designed for transport

The Grin frame has an ergonomic shape designed to improve the maneuverability of the mower and is suitable for transport. Two handles allow the user to lift the machine easily in case of stairs or inconvenient areas of the garden. With folded handlebar, GRIN can also fit in the smaller cars to be easily transported.


Suspended traction

The traction in oil bath in aluminum casing works in suspension reducing the load on the drive axles. The drive belt is completely protected by a specific cover. It tends automatically with the movement of the traction, thus minimizing the wear.


Easy starter

The high range equipment of the GRIN motors allow an effortless and immediate start. New technologies make the use easy and intuitive by minimizing ordinary maintenance operations

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